How to Make More Predictive Hiring Decisions

If you are a software engineer, manager or hiring manager, this workshop will give you a practical approach for making higher quality hiring decisions and creating more enjoyable and effective candidate experiences. We’ll cover topics such as how to establish what your hiring bar “should” be, how to determine what competencies and signals to base an interview pipeline around, and how to establish consistency, equity and accessibly in your hiring process, especially when hiring across multiple teams, offices and role levels.


Lusen Mendel

Lusen Mendel
Developer Advocacy at Karat

Lusen / they / them is Director of Developer Advocacy at Karat, a dream job that mixes research and analysis of cutting edge interview practices, with talks and workshops to share these insights with engineers and hiring managers everywhere.

Lusen also coaches underrepresented engineers and students through stressful hiring and negotiation processes.

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