Make the Most of It: Negotiation and Self-Advocacy

Everyone deserves to make the most of their career opportunities, but it can be difficult to discuss compensation expectations and negotiate an offer. This workshop will give you a concrete mental model and specific statements you can use as a candidate, both when discussing compensation expectations at the beginning of an application, and when negotiating an initial offer after interviewing.

Lusen Mendel is an interview and negotiation coach at DangoorMendel, whose mission is to empower individuals to advocate for themselves and create healthy employment relationships with recruiters and managers. Through this work they have helped numerous individuals not only get the job of their dreams, but also feel good about the terms of their employment.


Lusen Mendel

Lusen Mendel
Developer Advocacy at Karat


Lusen / they / them is Director of Developer Advocacy at Karat, a dream job that mixes research and analysis of cutting edge interview practices, with talks and workshops to share these insights with engineers and hiring managers everywhere.

Lusen also coaches underrepresented engineers and students through stressful hiring and negotiation processes.

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