Launch: The Career Workshop

Are you feeling stuck in your career or beginning a career transition? Do you have professional goals that you’re struggling to reach? Join us at Launch: The Career Workshop, taught by Amanda Townsend, Director of People & Culture at Fivetran, an international software company based in Oakland. Amanda is also the CEO of BoldChange, a leadership consulting firm, where she teaches professional development workshops. In this session, you’ll have the opportunity to set career goals, hear and share personal career stories, and learn tips and tricks on how to navigate launching your career in 2019.


Amanda Townsend

Amanda Townsend
CEO at BoldChange

Amanda Townsend is an international HR guru, public speaker and leadership coach. As the Director of People & Culture at Fivetran, a global SaaS company based in the Bay Area, she is known for disrupting the status quo of the HR space by introducing people-first strategies that hold the industry accountable for creating empowering, inclusive and equitable workplaces for all. In addition, Amanda is the CEO of BoldChange, a leadership content hub and consulting firm. BoldChange is the host and producer of a new documentary series talk show which tells the stories of extraordinary humans who have created organizations, movements and ideas that are making history. The show launches in 2019. Amanda’s ultimate goal is to empower and inspire others to live up to their highest potential in order to make a positive impact on the world.

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